People of Wakefield respond to Condescending Liberal - Vidozee

People of Wakefield respond to Condescending Liberal
Channel Brexit — Published 3 years ago
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5 responses from the audience to being condescended by Laurie Penny.
For the first time in my life, Liberal ideology & the Liberal Supremacists have lost. Their own self-evidence for being 'right' & 'moral' has been challenged. Their response has been outrage, bitterness, condescension and brutal ad-hominem attacks, perfectly displaying their belief in 'mass intolerance' as merely projection.

Liberals belie...

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EJ The EU was doomed from the start, they have nothing that binds them. Historically, one country has always felt superior to the others in the EU, always have, and sometimes rightly so. Each country is very proud of their history and would never take a back seat to anyone. So why would anyone think it would ever work? It was a fools game in order to compete economically with the US and China. And then on top of it you force massive immigration onto some countries over others...again, what did you expect?
QAnonTR Trump/Boris2020
QAnonTR Trump/Boris2020 2019, Boris Johnson pm, hmmm we are still in the E.U. Boris, deliver man.
rg s
rg s I read up on the French revolution, the Russian revolution thought that things were a bit brutal. Not anymore.
Steve Hollingsworth
Steve Hollingsworth The UK sucks.
Dave Whalen
Dave Whalen Total Brexit and deport the fuck out of criminals who don't care for British Citizens!! Thank you from Southern California!!