Kya Dil Ne Kaha - Unplugged Cover | Namita Choudhary - Vidozee

Kya Dil Ne Kaha - Unplugged Cover | Namita Choudhary
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There's always a playlist of songs that reminds your childhood memories, "Kya Dil Ne Kaha" will surely have a place in this playlist.
Presenting a new ukulele cover version of this song in the voice of Namita Choudhary.

Cover Song Credits:
Singer: Namita Choudhary
Music Produced and Programmed: Sushant Trivedi
Video: Rahul Singhal

Original Song Credits:
Song Name - Kyaa D...

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Namita Choudhary
Namita Choudhary Nothing takes us back to the mystical era of 90s more than these beautiful compositions🤩
Do you also love 90s songs as much as i do???😍🙌🏻
Ri k
Ri k 1:06
azk Need more songs like this from Namita Choudary
So sweet voice of her
So lovely ❤
Prince Prince
Prince Prince Singer Lucky ali ko ess channel p Lao
sachin narate
sachin narate Always been a fan of 90s - Alka-Udit-Kumar-Kavitha 💖