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The Hunt Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers
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Check out the official The Hunt trailer starring Hilary Swank! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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Starring: Betty Gilpin,...

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Service Dog Lili
Service Dog Lili I can't wait to see this movie
gamervideos11 This needs to come out. Anything less is censorship.
Johnnie's Dillinger Just called the FBI. I bet all of your leftist agenda that WILL more than likely spark more violence is taken down. Why would you keep this garbage online? Idiots.
Johnnie's Dillinger Anyone know how to report this video?
Laurie Grensky
Laurie Grensky I saw a trailer for this movie on YouTube. Didn’t care for it and I skipped it. Now watching the entire thing instead of the first five seconds, I am disgusted with Hollywood.

People are comparing this to The Purge. I can understand the parallel made between these movies because of its life or death conflicts. There are major differences between the two.

First starters, The Purge. I saw all these movies. Did I like all of them?

No. The first one was awful. The second one was good. The other two were just complete garbage.

Many people say that this movie is just like The Purge. I can understand that. But in The Purge, if you remember in the first movie, the overall goal was to limit crime rates, homelessness, and unemployment. Even in this fantasy world, it showed that it worked. I am not agreeing with it, but I am saying that the idea of the Purge was to reduce these numbers.
The second movie was trying to show what it is like on the streets during this night. This movie correctly shows that if this day really existed, the lower class couldn’t afford to protect themselves.

Many people say that people during the Purge wanting to kill random people on the streets for no reason say it’s wrong. It is, I’m not going to disagree. But that same person they kill most likely planned to Purge, too. So how innocent are they?

For the rest of the films, I think the whole point and theme got lost along the way with violence. It made humans look worthless because of how much violence is shown. I mean, doesn’t a lot of violence movies do that?

I don’t support the movies, but I cannot watch as people say that this movie and the Purge are exactly alike.

Now this movie, watching the trailer. It made me realize how disgusting Hollywood is.

Now you may say why?

For starters, the movie does promote gun violence. The actual definition of gun violence is a violence caused by a gun. Throughout this trailer you see people being shot and murdered with guns, not all of the people but enough.

Today, this type of movie prevents anyone taking these people seriously. These people are going against of what us Americans are trying to prevent now. Mass shootings.

This is a huge issue today. People being assaulted and killed. Ideally, we want to reduce the amount of mass shootings to save lives.

How does this have anything to do with mass shootings?

Many influences today like TV shows, movies, music, and even video games all have an impact on people. I am not saying everyone can be influenced to kill someone after playing a violent video game or watching a violent TV show. But children can be influenced by it. If a child doesn’t understand or if they aren’t old enough to understand the difference between reality and fantasy, they may think that something that happens in a video game is something that happens in real life. For example, if you die or kill someone in a video game, you don’t have to worry because everyone has a reset button. It makes sense that if the child doesn’t understand that life isn’t like that where you can just restart and it would be like nothing ever happened.

Finally, when looking at the trailer, I am offended. Not only by being a human being who doesn’t want to see innocent people being hunted down and slaughtered, but I am offended because they hunted these people because of who they are. What I mean is, is that in the trailer, the chosen people, who we’re supposed to be hunted, asked each other where they are from. From the trailer, only three answered. Wyoming, Mississippi, and Florida.
These three states are heavily Republican states. Given, not everyone in these states are Republicans but these states have over fifty percent of the population that is Republican.

I think this is Hollywood sending a message on where people stand with Republicans.