Much Hype! :: Let's Play Cube World :: E01 - Vidozee

Much Hype! :: Let's Play Cube World :: E01
xBCrafted — Published 4 months ago
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With Cube World on Steam releasing soon, i decided to go back to the original to check it out once again!
#CubeWorld #LetsPlayCubeWorld #Picroma

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zlyfer If you purchased the alpha version you can login into your Picroma account and get a steam key for the closed beta.
NEO zoom out with scroll. white health bars attack you when you attack them, red attack you on sight, and blue don't attack you and you can't attack them. the name color indicates difficulty. White is you sneeze and it's gone, blue one on one it's easy but in a group they will end you, orange difficult, red they sneeze and your gone but dependent on the bad guy you can win a fight with a sack of potions. plusses next to the names mean they will drop better loot but they are harder and a lot harder if the number next to the plus is bigger than 1.
Toe Organism
Toe Organism Keep up the great work! Your videos cheer me up
pandagamer ima gonna make a bone boi!
EndeRedCreeper543 16:52 Casually not realizing that the bar on the right is what you can buy and everything else is what you already have