Migrant Migraine? 'London will look like Islamabad in 50 years' - Vidozee

Migrant Migraine? 'London will look like Islamabad in 50 years'
RT — Published 7 years ago
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Recent studies in Britain suggest the country's most rapidly growing demographic is Muslim. And the trend's stirring trouble with native Brits, who say their government's too scared to face the problems caused by the immigration boom. RT's Polly Boiko went to investigate.


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maksim lukjan
maksim lukjan Wakandistan, aka Londonistan innit Bruvtistan.
rmp369z What can be done now? Drastically reduce social assistance those freeloaders count on. Stop all immigration from Muslim countries once you have control of your borders again. And bring in way more Indians and east asians to mitigate the ratio of muslims to non-muslims.
White Knight
White Knight When they tell you the Brits will become a minority by 2066 they are just getting you used to the fact that in the future you will be a minority! Its part of the communist ploy of desensitization to get you used to getting to psychological grips with this fact when in fact like the video explained psychologists were baffled already by the numbers, more like a minority by 2036
den o
den o Nobody asked us if we wanted this.
Soren Utpal
Soren Utpal Get muslims out of uk