Trump 'Ivanka would be dynamite' at the UN - BBC News - Vidozee

Trump 'Ivanka would be dynamite' at the UN - BBC News
BBC News — Published 1 year ago
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But President Trump says he will not be giving his daughter the UN ambassadorship because he would be accused of nepotism.

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Leif Johnson
Leif Johnson Ivanka =- Eva Braun
seano8484NPC2222 BBC the British people hate you . Do you realise this yet ?
N Gemmiti
N Gemmiti Ivanka looks just like Lucie Wilde only difference is Lucie doesn't talk
Jim Miklas
Jim Miklas Another deranged Zionist is what we need.
Snaige gerute123
Snaige gerute123 nobody most competent in the world - yes Sir