Pixel Slate Review: Best Chrome Tablet or Decent Android Laptop? - Vidozee

Pixel Slate Review: Best Chrome Tablet or Decent Android Laptop?
Android Central — Published 9 months ago
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Google's first Chrome tablet is an ambitious product that changes the way we look at a Chromebook -- and an Android tablet! Here's Jerry's review of the #MadeByGoogle #PixelSlate ! More @

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Bekon241 Still in sunny dey You cant use that glass screen... Thats not mobile for me... I not wont tablet tou use it only in good shadow place or in home...
eddie driver
eddie driver Jerry, good to see you make a video me man, I’m an avid Android Central Podcast listener. I’m just weary as a lot of other You Tube reviewers have mentioned the software has terrible lag to the point it’s unusable.... you didn’t mention this at all, did you see any lag or are you using a newer software build? Cheers man Ed, UK London
shawn newton Boxing
shawn newton Boxing What should I buy for the best 2-1 as my secondary device? The pixel slate, surface go/pro or the new apple ipad or something else?
Matteo Doni
Matteo Doni Great video, I like the way Jerry has distilled his thoughts on this one.
matthew s
matthew s watch
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