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LG G8 review: A good phone lost among the greats
Android Central — Published 4 months ago
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LG's latest flagship features a Snapdragon 855 chipset, reliable battery life, and a front-facing Time of Flight sensor that allows for new gesture-based controls with Air Motion. But is that enough to compete against other major Android manufacturers?

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biggs949597 s
biggs949597 s it is up to par with Samsung's display as a matter of fact I'm going to go ahead and make this bold statement it's better I had them both at the same time for 2 months and I got rid of my S10 plus because I did so many screen comparisons every once in awhile certain wallpapers would look better on the S10 plus but for the most part watching videos movies anything like that it was 9 out of 10 times it would look better on the G8 and the colors just were deeper blacks deeper blues deeper reds there's many of comparison videos online showing that the G8 display is better easy computer solutions look up him and watch his comparison of who's really got the best display between Samsung S10 LG G8 OnePlus 6t and the Google pixel 3 XL and you'll see the the LG display crushes thosehe did and it's not biased
Joshimitsu I really overlooked this phone, here in the UK the s10 has the crappy exynos chip whereas the G8 has the SD 855. That's more than a reason to buy the G8.
macdias 64
macdias 64 You're Huawei's slave. G8 best. Came to Portugal g8
Vinny Bruce
Vinny Bruce I wish LG would come out with her tablet again to compete the Galaxy Tab S series they should call it the LG Pad thinq
BigBlackBootyDaddy these idiots trying to act like lg is great are like those losers whining about captain marvel and telling people to go watch that alita trash