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OnePlus 7 Pro Review
Engadget — Published 3 months ago
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Drew Ricardo
Drew Ricardo Great phone but Is everybody gonna ignore how shitty the camera is?
Traded mine in for S10 5g no comparison
khasanda roman
khasanda roman Not comparable not rivals photos. Oversaturated and not easy to get the right pictures
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez I think it’s awesome what one plus is doing I think the 7 is greater bang for the buck. The 6t in the states is still the real bang for your bucks ,other then the pixel 3a. The op7 pro I believe are for real diehard one+ fans willing to drop a little cash to add support to the brand a get a little more lol in two weeks I’ll leave my iPhone 8 happily to snuggle with my oneplus 7 pro
caleb aizen
caleb aizen i wasted 40000 php buying xiaomi phones. i bought 3 xiaomi devices.. all have ghost touch and screen freeze.. now i got 1+7pro.. its totally worth it..
Carpet Bombing
Carpet Bombing The 90hz refresh rate is just amazing