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Google Home Hub & Nest Thermostat
sellgooddeals DIY — Published 10 months ago
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This video will show the Nest Thermostat on the Google Home Hub. I haven't been able to get my voice to activate the Nest Thermostat. The only way I have been able to access it is by pulling down on the top of the screen and clicking on the thermostat. If you have been able to access it by voice please let me know. I would very much like to be able to access the Nest Thermostat with just using my voice on the Google Home H...

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Adam Rogers
Adam Rogers Try changing the name of the thermostat to something completely different. I think Google is finding more responses on the internet, rather than a local device :) No guarantees, but worth a try.
Mike Wolf
Mike Wolf Here’s a list of voice commands, including those for the Nest thermostat.
Personally, what I did with my Nest thermostat was name it the location it’s in, for example the hallway, so it would be named “hallway thermostat”, meaning that all I would have to say is “hey google what’s the temperature on the hallway thermostat”.
Ewe Tan
Ewe Tan say "ok google show main floor temperature"
Justin Roll
Justin Roll Did you figure anything out. I cannot control my hue lights or nest cams via voice command either. It keeps saying it cannot do that yet and is always learning. Did you have any success?