Stadia Impressions: Google's Xbox + PS4 killer is the device you already own?! - Vidozee

Stadia Impressions: Google's Xbox + PS4 killer is the device you already own?!
Android Central — Published 5 months ago
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Google's new console killer is a next-gen game streaming service that runs on devices you already own! Russell gives his first impressions from GDC 2019!

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Joel Mathew
Joel Mathew Lol I remember I signed up for google project stream and I was playing ac odyssey on a school chrome book during study hall. I had no idea it was for something like this big.
iKickBullies I find it hard to hear someone say it's like a Xbox or switch controller when it's shaped like PS4 and has the ps4 config. Sounds more like that's what you specifically play
Ian Nvidia shield does something similar no?
tgrujic1965 Well, here we go again. It’s the end of another console generation & we are being fed tech THEY want us to want. The “Dummy terminals” and ZERO ownership future is here…the HOLY GRAIL of DRM/anti-consumer gaming is being forced down our throats yet again, with spectacular promises of up to 8K gaming IF you have HIGH speed internet, of course. BTW, I don’t care what they promise, there WILL be latency. FPS & fighting games will suck on Stadia. Oh, and media creators in bed w/Google are salivating as Stadia will be integrated with YouTube so take what they tell you with a grain of salt. This developer dystopian future cost Microsoft’s Xbox One dearly as they will finish a distant last this generation. So, don’t listen to the hype as we have all the power to carve a future WE want. Speak with your wallets & support pro-consumer companies this coming generation.
Hapa man
Hapa man How much Cloud Storage does Average user have & Subscription price is another question. I will keep my PC and Nintendo Switch but This interesting but might kill Xbox Franchise