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These Will Be The Worst Movies Of 2019
Looper — Published 9 months ago
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Many upcoming high-profile films have already scheduled their debuts, and some have even released trailers to the public at large. Unfortunately, some of them also look pretty lame. You heard it here first, these are fated to be the worst movies of 2019…

Cats | 0:16
Cold Pursuit | 1:15
The Beach Bum | 2:05
Rambo 5 | 2:...

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Looper Just so we're clear: We're not rooting against any of these. We hope they all do well. But still...
Robin Banks
Robin Banks Cold Pursuit was a weird movie. I’d say it was worth a watch but not something I’d watch again and the ending made me go “wtf?”
Freddie Johnston
Freddie Johnston Piss off, Rambo v looks awesome
Spider Web
Spider Web Hey Looper, have you watch the Cats trailer. The cats costume are cgi
Geoff Shaw
Geoff Shaw IMO,these all look pretty much like wastes of time,but I'll always make time for another RAMBO.