India floods: 'I'll have nothing if I leave my house' - BBC News - Vidozee

India floods: 'I'll have nothing if I leave my house' - BBC News
BBC News — Published 1 year ago
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Monsoon rains have claimed the lives of more than 500 people in large parts of India and flooded people's homes.
Biren Gogoi lives in the country's Assam state and, despite his house being flooded, he is refusing to leave.
Villagers there say they're forgotten by the local government during every monsoon season, which lasts from July until September, but Indian authorities say they're providing aid to everyone who ...

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Naresh kumar
Naresh kumar Fellow Indians don't waste your time by arguing here... it's utter waste.
tony v
tony v Im indian, and the government in general is corrupt. The police and local goverments are corrupt too. A better government would mean a better India.
Munia !
Munia ! How to spot WHITE SUPREMACISTS::


And check for comments like:

"Good, more population would be reduced"

"They are so poor than us. Deserve to be flushed like that"

"This is a superpower?? Ha haha"

When you think western people are more advanced than us, comments like these make you realize they are actually so inhuman and vile!! Human life is precious and if you cant help or atleast pray the least you can do is stop being inhuman and racist!!! God forbid if the same happened in your country and your homes filled with water... we would not be making such obscene and rude comments. You white people are so previleged inhumans. You dont deserve this earth.
Riyad Yoonus T.V
Riyad Yoonus T.V Can you make a video based on Kerala flood.
vishnu prasad.p
vishnu prasad.p Meanwhile in south india there is also a flood going on at a scale not seen atleast for a 100 years.but, the causalities for 2 months is below 50 and that is too because it was unexpected...but, i am not hearing anything about it from seems bbc only want to show all the negatives of a country.. and does not want news which shows a good performance by a government.