Midsommar First Trailer Explained (Breakdown + Easter Eggs). - Vidozee

Midsommar First Trailer Explained (Breakdown + Easter Eggs).
StoryDive — Published 5 months ago
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Hereditary director Ari Aster and A24 released the first trailer for Aster’s new films, Midsommar (2019). If Hereditary (2018) intrigued and disturbed you, Midsommar looks as though it will do the same. Like Hereditary, Midsommar is full of strange, esoteric references, so in this video, I will go over the trailer shot by shot and try to decipher the meaning of everything revealed to us. Including the meaning of the Norse ru...

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StoryDive Check out my review of Midsommar and Breakdown of the ending:
akim 74
akim 74 Oh man, totaly wrong, all what u say is ludacris, please, when you dont nothing about this film and swedish rituals, shut up, please shut up!!!
Mitra Kakar
Mitra Kakar U did it great 👍🏻
everybodysbud18 15:34 Stance logos
WhiskeyLab did anyone else notice the skagen watch Christian wore? that is a very subtle connection to midsummer celebration