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Rafu | Cover | Lopamudra Bandyopadhyay
Lopamudra Bandyopadhyay — Published 1 year ago
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Original song credits:
Music Director: Santanu Ghatak
Lyrics: Santanu Ghatak
Vocals: Ronkini Gupta
Movie: Tumhari Sulu (2017)

Cover Song Credits:
Music arranged and produced by Sagar Dhote
Guitars: Shomu Seal
Keys: Sagar Dhote
Additional Keys: Prasanna Suresh
Vocals: Lopamudra Bandyopadhyay
Mix & Master: Abhishek Ghatak
Recorded at Sagar's

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Shamli akolkar
Shamli akolkar Enchanting! ✨
Nitin Chauhan
Nitin Chauhan Well, your voice is amazing indeed. But, the thing which strikes me more is when everything stopped (probably time stops) you were moving. It would be great if choreographer could hv created the other realm when everything starts moving and u stopped. Both of these situations highlights that everything is actually happening in our inner space which is timeless and space less
Priya Gopal Ray
Priya Gopal Ray Very beautiful voice.😀
Bharat Menaria
Bharat Menaria Loved your vocal texture and the feel.
Nabarun Kashyap
Nabarun Kashyap Oshadharon voice texture. Khoob onno rokom aar khoob shundor! Husky yet sweet! Amazing combination!