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Pixel 3 - I Might be Switching Phones!
Matthew Moniz — Published 10 months ago
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Pixel 3 first look and unboxing! Here are my first impressions. The Pixel 3 may look a lot like the Pixel 2 but there's a lot of software changes that make this a much more refined product. I also think it's more comfortable to use than the bigger Google Pixel 3XL. Make sure to subscribe for the full review!

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Matthew Moniz
Matthew Moniz Here it is the Pixel 3 in Not Pink! A lot of people feel it was not the best announcement from Google or much of an upgrade. I have some thoughts, which I'll save for the full review. Hit me up on discord if you have any questions!
Truth N
Truth N this device looks cute
Me no lie but he kinda look like ryan reynolds. lol
Aarohi Gupta
Aarohi Gupta Google isn’t a bitch

It’s better than apple
Awakened Bahamut
Awakened Bahamut Get a sword to be deadpool.