What losing the House means for Trump - BBC News - Vidozee

What losing the House means for Trump - BBC News
BBC News — Published 9 months ago
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The Democrats have won control of the House of Representatives. The BBC's Anthony Zurcher looks at the fallout for the president and his plans for the next two years.

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CWreck 101
CWreck 101 Is it just me or he's high af
PrincessMegan Elsa
PrincessMegan Elsa 👏👏👏👏😊 praying!
VicZX6R Bush did the stimulus check shit to further put US further in debt... left Obam to fix his shit with old ass racist people with healthcare live old enough to vote for an orange narcissist TV ratings retarded sex offender... is that progress??? Dividing America to believe cadet bone spurs trump?
VicZX6R Yeah you poor ass ignorant you seriously think trump gives a fuck about the working class???? Get educated on history before reproducing ignorance!!! GOP is crooked
Noble D.
Noble D. Like it or not,'s the plain REALITY!