Best Fortnite STREAM SNIPER Compilation! #7 - Vidozee

Best Fortnite STREAM SNIPER Compilation! #7
Fortnite Legion — Published 4 days ago
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Every big streamer has to deal with stream snipers. Some rage while others laugh it off. These are the best Fortnite stream sniping moments of all time!

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POSEIDON TM 2:40 how do u get that emote
Madeline Stevens
Madeline Stevens Idk why but almost Everytime i join a game i make a heart on a mountain in hope that there will be a streamer who mistakes me as a stream sniper. 😂 I actually had my squad with me once and a squad built up on the mountain to us without us noticing, they were all wearing the same skin, they started to dance with us and out pf nowhere just demolished my squad. Just something I wanted to share with you guys.
Flash 25
Flash 25 McDog I'd always there
Jaylen G
Jaylen G 4:22 ultra goku mode activated