$15 Opinel Folder VS $150 "Mystery" Knife - Which is Best for Survival / Bushcraft? - Vidozee

$15 Opinel Folder VS $150
Ultimate Survival Tips — Published 2 years ago
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NEW! Pocket Knife Dual - $17 Opinel vs. $150 Folder... Which is Better for survival, bug out, bushcraft + slicing tomatoes? Knife List BELOW...

Here's a LIST of GEAR Shown in Video (Best Amazon USA Pricing):

Opinel #6:

Opinel #8:

Opinel #10: http://am...

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Nicolas Michel
Nicolas Michel Music used in vidéo ?
Ladislav Trojan
Ladislav Trojan opinel is the best price
Bill Curry
Bill Curry You get what you pay for number one rule And just by the looks of it it is very cheap Only Reason people buy these knives is because they're On welfare And by the looks of them they're still overpriced
Donald Niblett
Donald Niblett Great video. The Ken Onion Knife is $70 Knife , I know this cause I own one. I’m very impressed with the Opinel.
bob p
bob p Opinel knives are simply the best way to go with evereyday tasks.. But maybe it is good that not everybody knows about them.. They can be extremly dangerous and the blade + knivehandle match the perfect center of gravity.. These knives are beasts..