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Chilean Mine Rescue Timeline
CBS — Published 9 years ago
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An animated timeline of the rescue efforts to save 33 trapped miners in Chile. Seth Doane reports.

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Literally Hit Lore
Literally Hit Lore Great news! 33 people rescued!!
Miguel Bernardo dee Sousa Bernardo
Miguel Bernardo dee Sousa Bernardo Nossa inacreditável oque aconteceu com esses 33 homens , mais Deus estava com eles .
Aakash Ghuman
Aakash Ghuman Mah god!
Cecilia Gallac
Cecilia Gallac Which YEAR was that rescue?
Gonken88 Must have smelled awful down there, with 30+ sweaty men not having a shower for months, pissing and shitting on the floor in a corner somewhere. Sadly a lot of people think that they were out of the weeds as soon as they were rescued, but no, most of them suffer mental issues like post traumatic stress to this day, and are unable to lead normal lives. As I recall, one of them stated that every time he goes to sleep, he has nightmares about being trapped in a cave, with rocks falling down from the ceiling while the ground is trembling and there's a constant roar like thunder or machinery. Unfortunately the rescue itself was so fucking expensive the state feels like they should be grateful as it is, and go on with their lives. Point taken in part I'd say.