Mid-term elections 2018: Trump hails 'tremendous success' - BBC News - Vidozee

Mid-term elections 2018: Trump hails 'tremendous success' - BBC News
BBC News — Published 9 months ago
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US President Donald Trump has hailed "tremendous success" in the mid-term elections after a night of mixed results for his Republican party.

Democrats won the House of Representatives, which will enable them to thwart the president's agenda.

But Republicans consolidated their grip on the Senate, ensuring the president can still make key appointments.

Mr Trump said the outcome "defied hist...

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Ben Weagle
Ben Weagle The Democrats are the joke of this country and it's honestly laughable.
C J C 2018 was not a successful for Trump at all, first off in the House Trump Lost 42 seats and Gerrymandering favors Republicans in the house by 10 seats, Democrats would have gained 50+ seats in the house if not for Gerrymandering, also Democrats were defending 26 seats in the Senate, Republicans only defending 8, how can Democrats do well in States Trump won like ND? Democrats won Senate races like MT, WV, WI, MI, PA, OH and flipped AZ and NV, yes Democrats Lost ND, MO, IN, and FL, but FL is close and Democrats only 2 seats from a very bad map! Democrats flipped Governor races in WI, MI and we’re very close in GA and FL! Also Beto almost won in Texas! Democrats had a blue wave and the American people sent Trump a message and he lost in States he won 2 years ago! 2020 will be a breeze for Democrats if Trump continues to be bad!
J T Name someone who can beat trump in 2020. That’s right, get to googling 😂😂
omgitsfrosty Trump would tout 'huge success' even if he was rotting in a prison cell. This man is delusional.
Youssef RAMY
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