Choking Delhi smog draws protests - BBC News - Vidozee

Choking Delhi smog draws protests - BBC News
BBC News — Published 9 months ago
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The air quality in the Indian capital is pretty bad at the best of times.

But it could get even worse during the festival of Diwali as people let off fireworks.

Some of those affected by the pollution are now calling on the government to act to avert what they say is a "public health emergency".

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Rick Lee
Rick Lee As is to be expected, nobody mentions the elephant in the room. Corporate greed and national pride.
Today it is Delhi, yesterday it was Beijing, tomorrow it will be Jakarta, Pyongyang or Kuala Lumpur.
Santhosh s
Santhosh s I love London smoke
Banni Khural
Banni Khural Ohhh no😭