Weighing The Worst Case Scenarios Of Trump's Presidency | All In | MSNBC - Vidozee

Weighing The Worst Case Scenarios Of Trump's Presidency | All In | MSNBC
MSNBC — Published 3 months ago
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Chris Hayes looks at how close we are to a worst-case scenario administration based on what Trump said and what he's done.
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Purple Rain
Purple Rain This isnt trump America its the peoples America.
Maple Tseng
Maple Tseng You are going to impeach Russia Putin, but Not Trump!
Perhaps it's just purely arrogant of american? because it's quite not possible to see this that all american are talking about Trump, and no one ever see ? There is no Trump since beginning, it's only Russia Putin, ONLY. The president of USA is not Trump, it's Russia Putin. You people could still try hard to maintain, pretend your pride, but USA is not exist anymore, it's only Russia. And you people seem have preset that Nancy Pelosi could not be corrupted ? or compromised ?
nissanbuyer Dude you look just like Kevin from that Sin City movie.
Emma Burgess
Emma Burgess Trump is the biggest FRAUD !
Emma Burgess
Emma Burgess I pray that Trump ends up like Robert Allen Stanford .. Stanford is serving a 110 year sentence for the same things trump has done in his business practices.. can’t get him for corruption and obstruction then get him when he is out of office!!