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*Disney Descendants* Is Pretty Great
Dylan Is In Trouble — Published 5 days ago
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knee bending is my go-to dance move


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Victoria Almond
Victoria Almond That theory about her killing/marrying him and taking over the country actually happens in a fanfic on AO3!!!
bandotaku Dylan makes fun of Jafar for naming his kid "Jay" but doesn't say anything about Maleficent naming hers "Mal."
Michelle V
Michelle V As for the laptop they used you missed that Jay actually stole that laptop so they wouldn’t think to track their stuff because it wasn’t even theirs
Vanessa Gonzalez
Vanessa Gonzalez Dylan in the second one they dont get the time to kiss either way until like the end
Sabrina Lureen
Sabrina Lureen Yo watch brave it’s another funny princess movie like tangled