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Top 5 Best Android Phones - Spring 2019!
Android Central — Published 4 months ago
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lindigj Hmm... No best screen? Also, a bit shocked at the claim that the p30 pro really competes with s10 with it's questionable software, 1080p screen, and living outside of the US doesn't change the very real reality that Huawei devices might stop receiving Android updates.

Further, Huawei may have the most versatile camera, but I don't think many people would consider it a better camera than pixel.
NHair Majesty
NHair Majesty The Accent. OMG! hard to hear!
Sonic Destruction
Sonic Destruction Ok so I have a Huawei phone but watching this video I realize oh crap h o w d I d I g e t t h I s
Mark J.
Mark J. Spam Calling on Pixel NOT available in UK or I’d consider owning one of the ugliest handsets I’ve ever seen. Forget specs Pixel XL is hideous design!
Ax El
Ax El S10+ user since release date considering our options are limited (no huawei/xiaomi/oppo related brands except oneplus) in the U.S otherwise I would've been interested in grabbing the Mate 20 Pro of last year. The Samsung/Apple duopoly is real here. Still enjoying the s10+ tho, its a complete package~ a swiss army knife that can do almost anything you want it to