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Mint Mobile does the Super Bowl — and you should do Mint Mobile
Android Central — Published 7 months ago
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Mint Mobile ran its very first Super Bowl Commercial — and you can save a ton on your cell phone bill with Mint Mobile.

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uwu グーチ owo
uwu グーチ owo Unreal is 10 bucks love the att towers 1gb data and rollover and they hook you up with a bunch of data to roll over
soumendranath sarangi
soumendranath sarangi Please review the phones that come with pre-installed password manager software such as "Samsung Pass". It is a request, please.
lyngkor kynjing
lyngkor kynjing In India we're paying around 8 US dollars for a 3 months plan with 2GB of data per day!. Plus unlimited calls!. That's less than 3 dollars a month. 😁
Sandeep Dokuparthi
Sandeep Dokuparthi Hey, @Android Central in India we are paying $2.8 per month for 1.5 GB 4G Data per day for 28 days with speeds averaging 22.2 Mbps across the nation. Let me know if any carrier beats this one.
Dr B
Dr B I went from T-Mo to Fi to Mint. To be honest I can't really tell the difference between T-mo, and the MVNO's that run on their networks. I went with the 5GB plan which is now their 8GB plan and I think it's $20 per month if you pay for 12-months at a time. Coming from T-mo and Fi which were around $60 a month it's a deal. My wife and I both switched and we're using our Oneplus 6's on it. Works great!