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Girl Defined Recommended this Book by Jackie Hill Perry- It is Awful!
Mr Atheist — Published 6 months ago
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Jackie Hill Perry has a book called “Gay Girl, Good God” where she tells people how she went from being a lesbian to a Christian in a straight marriage. This is a book constantly recommended by ‘Girl Defined” and as you can imagine it is extremely flawed and damaging.

Homosexuality Condoned by the Bible? (Digital Hammurabi):

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BeepBop Boop
BeepBop Boop Even the way she drives looks gay.
BeepBop Boop
BeepBop Boop Why is this Baby Stud pretending she likes men.
BeepBop Boop
BeepBop Boop Jackie is gonna be real disappointed when she realises God is dead.
John Doe
John Doe People, if you're homophobic, and hate atheist, why are you watching this video about gay people in a channel called Mr. Atheist? The truth is this book is horrid, and that women isn't happy, I feel bad for her. You can't defend these kind of things, not even with whatever god you want to throw in.
Esene Heletsi
Esene Heletsi If you're so against Christianity and people who advocate for it why start a whole YouTube channel to condemn and question their beliefs? Why not stay in your own space and live what you believe? You don't have to make so much unnecessary noise about your opinions. Christians are out there doing their own thing. So leave them be.