Assisted dying: 'I just wish the law let me have him for a little longer' - BBC News - Vidozee

Assisted dying: 'I just wish the law let me have him for a little longer' - BBC News
BBC News — Published 6 months ago
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Geoff Whaley had motor neurone disease and decided to end his life rather than experience the final stages of the illness.

Assisted suicide is illegal in the UK, so he and his wife Ann travelled to a clinic in Switzerland.

They had been campaigning to try to get the UK to change its law, and met peers and MPs to explain their views.

The couple spoke to BBC Home Editor Mark Easton during G...

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Mary Smith
Mary Smith When you are faced with total reliance on others to get through each moment and every day and/or in constant pain, you should have the choice to go peacefully. No one can feel another person’s physical and mental suffering and we shouldn’t judge unless we have walked in their shoes. I live in severe and chronic pain from a collagen disorder, and no one knows the toll it takes on your brain and body unless you’ve experienced it firsthand.
Jude Dimatteo
Jude Dimatteo Awe such an awesome couple and they loved each other so that had to be the worst decision ever but she loved him so to let him go peace
Lisa Martinez
Lisa Martinez So what you were given time together . Suicide is a lie from the devil !
Lisa Martinez
Lisa Martinez Why focus on the illness/ disease .Should have embraced the time he had left with his loved ones .
Dario Simone
Dario Simone The right to die is not in our hands ... , the same as the right of an unborn baby, ... abortion is not right ...
Suicide , is killing of self. .. assist dying is murder another one,,