The 1950s car turning heads in Syria - BBC News - Vidozee

The 1950s car turning heads in Syria - BBC News
BBC News — Published 6 months ago
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Neither war nor the Islamic State group has stopped Abu Malek driving his 1952 classic car across Syria.
The 67-year-old DeSoto Powermaster is a bit worse for wear, but still works.

Fifty years ago, the petrol engine was switched for a British tractor engine.

Before the most recent war, when fuel was better quality, Abu Malwk says it could reach 140km per hour.

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Isaac James Oswald
Isaac James Oswald It's Titanic of the road and still rolling !
Shaun Walford
Shaun Walford I’d rather that than a lot of new cars sold today
Power Play
Power Play How many bullet holes does that have?
TheLemonizer blue smoke is coming out of the exhaust. thats not a good thing.
Task Force 117
Task Force 117 This car is a survivor