RAFT! The First Chapter | Update 10! | Stream 2 - Vidozee

RAFT! The First Chapter | Update 10! | Stream 2
xBCrafted — Published 2 months ago
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Join me as I jump into RAFT! The First Chapter | Update 10!, a survival game from Axolot Games & RedBeet Interactive! "The First Chapter | Update 10!" releases on December 3, 2019!
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● RAFT! | Chapter 1 Update!:

Raft on Ste...

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Adan Tyler
Adan Tyler xB, I don't know if u already knew this but there was this one guy's stream that one person gave him over 20 grand the streamer had to turn off super chat
halfprice31 Price
halfprice31 Price What was that bird doing to the scarecrow at astound 2 mins?
Christopher Coffman
Christopher Coffman Were you ok in the stream after five minutes you seemed really upset or stressed.