Tristan Thompson SHADES Khloe Kardashian On MOTHERS DAY! - Vidozee

Tristan Thompson SHADES Khloe Kardashian On MOTHERS DAY!
Hollyscoop — Published 3 months ago
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Tristan Thompson IGNORES Khloe Kardashian on Mother’s Day…And she wasn’t the only one who was forgotten…Momma Kris Jenner COMPLETELY left Kendall out of her Mothers Day post…thankfully she had the best response. Speaking of Kendall I need to fill you guys in on how fans are BEGGING her rumored boyfriend Ben Simmons to end things with her. PLUS…we need to talk about Rob Kardashian’s brief return to Keeping Up…<...

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Hollyscoop It’s not a big surprise to say that commenters can be BRUTAL. And no one knows this better than the Kardashians. But some comments can go too far. We gathered all of the MEANEST comments fans have left Mom Shaming the Kardashians:
Carol Berwind
Carol Berwind People just love to hate n hurt people they don't even know that is not a sign of a healthy mind n individual. Huge red flag.
Carol Berwind
Carol Berwind He is a narcissist
Lovely this broadcaster is wearing her pajama top, fs she needs a raise.
Jackie Baucom
Jackie Baucom No class ... he did help create a beautiful baby at least shout out to mother