Venezuela's gold diplomacy gamble - BBC News - Vidozee

Venezuela's gold diplomacy gamble - BBC News
BBC News — Published 6 months ago
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As Venezuela’s oil industry has plummeted with sanctions and economic collapse, President Nicolas Maduro has turned to his country’s other mineral wealth: gold.

He’s used it to win allies and raise money. But the US, which has urged Mr Maduro to stand down, has warned those profiting from what it calls Venezuela’s illegitimate gold trade.

The BBC's Mark Lowen takes a look at Venezuela's gold d...

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DFF DFF BBC the devil's messager,biased and partial
Mike August
Mike August Why is the BBC treating it's viewers like 12 year-old's?
Cecilia Darko
Cecilia Darko When you can't take care your country and people that you swear holding a time for other country to tell you it time for you to step down...corrupt Maduro Venezuelan need fresh blood they deserve better..
Clark Kent
Clark Kent Shame on those reporter, news profesional who sell them self to money and power, not to the truth and helping people try to become good. news should not benefit just reporter country, but people of world in all.
Gustavo Rodriguez
Gustavo Rodriguez “Western powers back”

Hmmm I thought he was democratically elected