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The Two Generals’ Problem
Tom Scott — Published 5 days ago
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Time to tell a story about idempotency, computer science, and the Night of the Multiple Orders. • Sponsored by Dashlane —try 30 days for free at:


Written by Sean M Elliott and Tom Scott
Directed by Tomek
Graphics by Mooviemakers

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Tom Scott
Tom Scott Yes, I had help with the graphics for this series. There's no way I'd have animated that myself! On that note, thanks to Dashlane for sponsoring and helping me hire an animator: their free trial link is
Matthew Booth
Matthew Booth I've always pronounced this EYE-dem-POE-tent.
David Alan Gilbert
David Alan Gilbert Now, can you do one that explains why idempotency is pronounced like that? I've always read it as i-dem-potency
Arindam Nandi
Arindam Nandi An interesting follow up would be the Byzantine general's problem - what if there were multiple generals that could back stab each other?
D.N.A Travel
D.N.A Travel Just saw at kings cross, sorry didn't say hello, was running late, love the boss