Parenting Tips #6 - Vidozee

Parenting Tips #6
Josh Wolf — Published 5 days ago
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Kingbee I just watched my name is earl AND YOU PLAYED THE MAN LOCKED IN THE TRUCK AND NOW I'M DYING
Mel When I saw shit cube I thought of the poop sock too!!! Lol. What is wrong with people!!! Weed is the cure for all!!! Should be legal everywhere!!!
Jamie Monday
Jamie Monday "That looks like a dildo, that's a remote control."
Sure thing buddy lol
Christopher Chicas
Christopher Chicas You definitely can be smart and cool i mean in my school if your dumb your not cool at all
Frags No BS Reviews
Frags No BS Reviews Armbar : What you call someone who if you woke up with them after a night at the bar you would rather chew your own arm off to get away rather than wake them up.