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Android's Answer to iMessage
Techquickie — Published 1 year ago
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Google is rolling out a new service called RCS, or just "Chat," to replace SMS and possibly compete with iMessage...

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workingusername I’ll absolutely NEVER use those stupid cheesy effects on iMessage. It’s another stupid bit of programming fluff that gets people WAYYYYY too immature with talking to others. Maybe considering what went wrong in your life if you’re so devoid of intelligent conversations that you need to add a in your face special snowflake effect to your words.
Ribbi Bibbi
Ribbi Bibbi Love Android
Loathe Apple
Issues with Rich Communications
I cannot grapple
Gacha Music
Gacha Music So on iPhones, will it now appear blue? Because the green is so annoying
Football Legend
Football Legend Is it called hangouts chat
Algard it is just the US and that uses sms or I message....