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This Fortnite Challenge Is IMPOSSIBLE!
Muselk — Published 5 days ago
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Raldi Hoxha
Raldi Hoxha If you didn't win it shows that you are a noob that needs a B.R.U.T to win a game. You dont need a B.R.U.T to win you are just over reacting like every pro player. You all think that if the B.R.U.Ts are op the noobs will have a chance to win. And that is ok because everyone deserves to win a game. Its not only you and the pro player that need to win.
swEaty Gaming
swEaty Gaming Myself can you plz help me win in season 10 my username is Jack-O Bonnie7
Mark Jones
Mark Jones Someone gets a llama
Muselk : that is the most toxic thing EVER
Dillon NS
Dillon NS
Da Gamer
Da Gamer he should do a challenge where he cant build, no mechs, no weapons and only his pickaxe