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Camila Cabello - First Man (Audio)
CamilaCabelloVEVO — Published 2 months ago
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Diana You know, this is a really beautiful song... I'm sad that I can't get related to it...
I probably would dedicate it to my dad if only he was a little more present in my life, but actually I don't know if he is ok right now... I haven't heard about him in months.
I have a really wonderful boyfriend, I think he maybe could be the one, I would like to show my dad this song. But... no, he wasn't the first man to love me... or at least I don't feel like he actually loves me haha. Sad.
nehal jain
nehal jain Camila Cabello in The First Man: I swear on my heart that he's a good man
Camila Cabello in My oh My: I swear on my life that I've been a good girl
Sileca Benjamin
Sileca Benjamin I want a video for this song
AX Guillén
AX Guillén Estoy llorando.
Pero no me aguantaré las ganas de dedicarle esta linda canción a mi padre es tan hermosa.
Tenemos que decir las cosas que sientes cuando las sientes antes de que sea demasiado tarde y la vida haga de las suyas ❤️
pelin şahin
pelin şahin imagine not having daddy issues and not being completely numb to this beautiful piece