Jeffrey Epstein’s Death & America’s Prison Problem | The Daily Show - Vidozee

Jeffrey Epstein’s Death & America’s Prison Problem | The Daily Show
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah — Published 5 days ago
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Indicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is found dead in jail of an apparent suicide, spurring conspiracy theories and a conversation about problems with the U.S. prison system.

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doll jetson
doll jetson Thank you lol I was waiting g for his trail I think they should go through NBA and file some charges on because son Of sam is rapes
Axis And where the fuck is jew boy Harvey Weinstein hiding?
Axis Donald Trump was a casual friend nothing more and even had Epstein BANNED from Mar-A-Lago for sexually assaulting one of the staff. This is common knowledge. The documents for this are easily available anywhere on line. Don't believe this brown nosing Zionist cocksucker that is Trevor Noah. And no one on the left said "Trump did it" ass clown.
Axis "Prison problem" hahahahahaha no bagel boy, it's a Jewish problem.....
rayray cheung
rayray cheung Can u guess why such a billionaire would choose to commit suicide?
If he really committed suicide himself