I stole a U-Haul Truck! - Vidozee

I stole a U-Haul Truck!
Danny Duncan — Published 3 years ago
Likes: 53, 882 — Dislikes: 831
3, 032, 762 views


We stole a U-Haul truck and I moved into a new apartment! Thanks for everyone who supports me and helped me get to this point!

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Aaron Plowman
Aaron Plowman The only not clickbait video on all of youtube
J Haffer
J Haffer Dinny Dunko is the only mfr that would steal a fucking van for jokes. You fucking mad man!
Lslice I was a xvideo fan but then I discovered xnxx
paperbagWEIRDO Am I the only one who sees Danny's nickname on the yearbook as God and/or Allah
Sawyer Scott
Sawyer Scott Let’s eat some plants!! 🤺