Google Pixel 3a / 3a XL leaks: Release date, price, specs + more! - Vidozee

Google Pixel 3a / 3a XL leaks: Release date, price, specs + more!
Android Central — Published 4 months ago
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The next new Google phones won't be the Pixel 4 or 4 XL, but rather new mid-range offerings designed to tap into a market outside of Google's normal high-end stomping grounds. This is the Pixel 3a + Pixel 3a XL!

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Jorge Navarrete
Jorge Navarrete the question is,
64GB of memory enough in 2019 ?
ir4kk Just bought a Sandstone White 8gb/ 128GB SD835 OnePlus 5T for $391 off Amazon, Prime got it to me in literally 15hours...theres a headphone jack. amoled display. great camera. and I love the "stock android+" oxygen OS. also getting two days of battery no problem. use instagram and twitter alot. sending emails. moving files around google drive and sending to clients all day. besides the lack of a good tempered glass protector this was an amazing deal.
Omar Noble
Omar Noble After my P3XL experience, I feel bad for anyone buying these and expecting good performance.
McApp 32787
McApp 32787 $399 still expensive considering that many chinese phones has already launched at the same price and way better specs... The pixel 3a should be around $300-350 in order to attract more buyers and probably better overall sale..
mihalis Neroutsopoulos
mihalis Neroutsopoulos $500 and $600 USD.... This pricing is crazy!
The business department, at Google, is like almost hates its hardware division and especially the pixel line up.

They cannot seriously think that with such prices are going to succeed.
One thing is clear: they have no clue how to devise a sound business strategy and make a competent product