Ten die in Rio football club fire - BBC News - Vidozee

Ten die in Rio football club fire - BBC News
BBC News — Published 6 months ago
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A blaze has engulfed a dormitory at the youth team training centre of one of Brazil's biggest football clubs, killing 10 people, local media report.

Three people were also injured when the fire broke out at Ninho de Urubu, the training ground of Flamengo football club, in Rio de Janeiro.

The fire reportedly broke out as players were sleeping. The cause is not yet known.

Flamengo is one of...

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Eva Luscombe
Eva Luscombe When my Nan died for some reason it didn’t make the news ??? Oh. , silly me ,, she actually worked for a living,,, just another piece of scum in the eyes of the good old BBC
Tony k
Tony k Wtf!
resiの部屋 R.I.P.
Huzaifa AhMad
Huzaifa AhMad RIP .... What's happening?2019 is kinda Rough😥
Truth Hurts
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