HIGH SCHOOL LIFE! *Rich Girl vs Normal Girl* - Vidozee

HIGH SCHOOL LIFE! *Rich Girl vs Normal Girl*
Dan and Riya — Published 3 months ago
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High School life rich vs normal. Comparing the life of two girls. Cinnamon is the most popular and hottest girl at high school and is extremely rich. She is dressed in designer clothing and takes a limo to school. While the normal girl has to take the bus. Follow the day in the life of two high school girls. Watch them during their classes, doing their assignments, trying to find a date and talk to hot guys as well as what hap...

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Dan and Riya
Dan and Riya ✏️FOLLOW @BeverlyValleyHigh on Instagram!
Ashley abner
Ashley abner Mommy
Francisco Herrera
Francisco Herrera Please please please make a vid were cinemons daddy is on it and shows his face
DaRagerBoi69 I take the bus
DaRagerBoi69 That the bus