How much RAM does your phone REALLY need in 2019? - Vidozee

How much RAM does your phone REALLY need in 2019?
Android Authority — Published 7 months ago
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Read the post: | Android smartphones had humble beginnings with smaller screens, smaller batteries, and lower amounts of RAM. Today there are devices with 10GB of RAM with 12GB or more on the horizon. But how much RAM does your smartphone actually need? I have done some investigation and some experimentation and this is what I found out.

Android Memory Management - How does it work? - htt...

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npbevo Hmmm note 10+ 12gb ram...... Well lets see how this goes
DL Allen
DL Allen ALL OF IT!!!
Daniel Hermawan
Daniel Hermawan How about storage? Company start pushing 256 and more. But I think it's just stupid. 128 is the sweet spot I think. Saying that I'm still using 64gb plus 32gb sd card.
InvisiMan The problem isn't RAM or having "too much" of it. The real issue is that Android kills apps almost immediately after you use them, so RAM is almost never taken advantage of.

If we had the option to "never snooze, never suspend, always keep app open in the background" then the more RAM you have the faster and smoother your phone will feel and apps can be switched to with zero delay. This would take a hit on your battery - but I think some might be fine with that trade-off.
yagoub grine
yagoub grine You've got nice accent :)