Baba Jani - Episode 10 | HAR PAL GEO - Vidozee

Baba Jani - Episode 10 | HAR PAL GEO
HAR PAL GEO — Published 9 months ago
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Baba Jani - Episode 10 | HAR PAL GEO

The story revolves around the male protagonist Asfand, he is a mid-aged, well-mannered, simple and sophisticated man of character who lost his parents at an early age. Since the sad demise of his parents Asfand accepted to bear the entire responsibility of his sisters, Najiba, Naila & Nabila. Asfand’s elder sister Najiba is a cunning woman, while Naila being a middle ch...

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Mahi.s .k
Mahi.s .k Nabila is best
rimsha rimsha
rimsha rimsha kis kis ko lgta h k mehwish ki wja se dono k drmean jhugra ho ga ainda
T Khan
T Khan Koi AK to ho jo in Bhanu ko sabaque sikhahe
Amna Khalid
Amna Khalid @18:56 they are SO rude for laughing at her. That is so messed up and made me really sad for Sadia :(
Advocate Omi
Advocate Omi اسفند کی تیسری بہن بہت حد تک اچھی ہے. شُکر ہے کوئ تو ذرا سی سہی بھائ کی بہن لگتی ہے. دوسری دو تو فساد کی جڑ ہیں بس