Gordon Ramsay's Home Cooking S01E11 - Vidozee

Gordon Ramsay's Home Cooking S01E11
Tsui Hon-Lung — Published 6 years ago
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Gordon Ramsay is one of the world's most celebrated chefs, with two distinct sides to his cooking. In his restaurants he's known for serving stunningly intricate dishes, while at home his food is just as delicious but simpler, faster and easier to make. Now in this practical home cookery series he teaches viewers how to cook amazing food every day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Ritwij Richie
Ritwij Richie Wow is some interesting and shocking information about advanced Artificial cooking For a safer health.
Samuel Augusto Da Silva
Samuel Augusto Da Silva his daughter still wanting to cry more due to the onion, and He only caring about the dishes hahaha
Tyfon 44
Tyfon 44 Okay, for an American.... We Europeans just went 😳😳🤢🤐
Jose Cadavid
Jose Cadavid Great video
Seo changbin
Seo changbin "add a dash" the guy throws in half of the damn bottle of olive oil