Bride Trade. Fighting Tanzania's child bride tradition. - Vidozee

Bride Trade. Fighting Tanzania's child bride tradition.
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In Tanzania, it is against the law to marry underage girls. The punishment for those responsible – the husband and the parents of the bride who allowed the wedding to happen – is up to 30 years in prison. Nevertheless, there are families who continue to follow the tradition and attempt to marry their daughters off when they’re as young as 12 or 13 years old. ...

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Mercy Nelima
Mercy Nelima It's so disgusting when I hear/see such wickedness in us,#saveTheGirlChild
emma Tabanay
emma Tabanay Shit all ugly 😜😜
B Pele Chiba
B Pele Chiba Please don't call it a "BRIDE TRADE".
What i think is there is no fault in the marriage system because its in thier culture and which should be preserved. "One's culture is it's own unique identity"
But there is need to understand marriage at the right age and will of the bride.

I feel offended by the title though "BRIDE TRADE" if it is so , i would say that this trade exist in every corner around the globe. "BIG FAT WEDDING " sounds bride trade to me too ,only difference is that everyone is happy in it including the bride( which is very important).
B Pele Chiba
B Pele Chiba I really wanna know the man's side story. Do they stay unmarried this long only to get much younger wife!
Aerin Collins
Aerin Collins Selling a Prius and getting a cow.