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Flat Earth vs. Round Earth | Explorer
National Geographic — Published 7 months ago
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The Ancient Greeks concluded Earth was a sphere, which has been validated by scientists ever since. Despite this, there is a movement growing claiming the Earth is flat.
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National Geographic
National Geographic For many years, people have clashed on whether the Earth is flat or round. What are your thoughts on this heated debate?
سهر الليالي
سهر الليالي القرآن الكريم يذكرها مسطحه
Shonem "100s of years"
People used math to figure out the earth was for sure round in a time they already believed it must be in the first place
Natalie Ely
Natalie Ely People who believe the earth is flat are.. um.. kinda dumb
Ivan Melendez
Ivan Melendez But why arguing with idiots?