Google Pixel 3a XL: Greater than the sum of its parts - Vidozee

Google Pixel 3a XL: Greater than the sum of its parts
Engadget — Published 4 months ago
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Niels Junker
Niels Junker Great video 💪 can choose between pixel 3a or pixel 2?
LegendarySkypenis I just want a quick phone and battery life, I don't care about benchmarks, I have surface pro, and a switch. I don't need to spend 1k on a phone for tinder and YouTube.
Beverly Frederick
Beverly Frederick Glad to have that Head Phone Jack Back ★★★★
westbender 820
westbender 820 I would miss wireless charging. But that's about all compared to my S9+.
(I tend to wear out charge ports)
m h
m h Updates for 3 years? am I missing something? Do they plan to not update it after 3 years!