Venezuela's health system in state of collapse - BBC News - Vidozee

Venezuela's health system in state of collapse - BBC News
BBC News — Published 6 months ago
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President Nicolas Maduro promised Venezuelans free medical treatment for all - but hospitals are now only able to offer a bed and little else.

Hospital staff and families of patients say the health service has crumbled, neglected by the government over the last five years.

Now there is barely running water, let alone enough medicines, as the BBC's Orla Guerin reports.

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mohammed ali fathah bangra mohammed
mohammed ali fathah bangra mohammed I just checked your Venezuela crisis today I am really shocked
What happened people of nation you don't have any quality leaders ? Make a huge protect against Venezuela ministry
We are indians full support you people
God bless you
Victorinoff Hernandez
Victorinoff Hernandez I am Venezuelan. Living in Peru. I am gratefull with BBc by showing our countrie's problems risking yourself by documenting this. I'd like to offer support, information too.
spider ok
spider ok BBC fake news give Venezuela there money back
jordan Engstrom
jordan Engstrom They voted for socialism. They got it.
Thomas I dont care