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Nigel Farage to Gina Miller 'What part of leave don't you understand?' BBC News - Vidozee

Nigel Farage to Gina Miller 'What part of leave don't you understand?' BBC News
BBC News — Published 3 years ago
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Nigel Farage clashes with Gina Miller - the woman who brought the Brexit case before the High Court - on the Andrew Marr Show.

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Major Woody
Major Woody damn that tie if Fugly
Anne Chambers
Anne Chambers This lady dose not believe in Democracy Democracy is the will of the majority the majority voted to leave
Peter H
Peter H Leave means leave or the British people won't put up with it.
tom jones
tom jones the biggest loser , democracy , vile people like her are trying their damndest to overturn a democratic vote , even people who voted remain are shocked by what people like her are doing to our country and our democratic system , she does not care , her excuses are pathetic , but she and others like her are dragging this country down and holding us back from fulfilling the result we voted for , and theyre going unchallenged , the bbc , the e.u , the press , nobody is saying , "wait a moment , we must honour and respect the will of the british people who won their vote. " it shows the other leaders of the European union members also do not care about democracy , I worry for this country
mick owen
mick owen how is she allowed 2 come 2 this country and interfear